Cases Worked On

Some of the cases I have worked on.
NameDefendant IDCase NumberCase ResultsCase Actions
ZHI FEI LIAO Third Circuit Case No. 19-2477 Government conceded PA threat not a crime of violence.
TARUN JIVANBHAI PATEL A# 093-457-552 3:CV-20-0960 Government conceded could not remove petitioner, case dismissed.
Shariful Mintu A# 042-951-328 Conspiracy to commit federal bank fraud.

Reopened at the BIA.

Terminated at IJ.
REYNARD KEVON LEWIS Third Circuit Case No.18-2653 Government conceded PA use of a communication facility not removable.
Oleg Zhuiko A# 087-312-113 Government conceded arguments and released.
Nelson Quinteros A079-029-001 Third Circuit in Case No. 18-375 Appealed by counsel and granted. (I only made the crime of violence argument in this case at the BIA).Motion in BIA to reopen crime of violence 18 U.S.C. § 1959(a)(6).
Mohammad Bilal Ahmed A# 078-413-744 Appeal granted in the BIA.
Mohammad Bilal Ahmed A# 078-413-744 Terminated at the IJ, released from custody.
Martin M. Chikerema A095-575-046 3:18-CV-1031 Bond grantedMotion to reopen granted in BIA.
Martin M. Chikerema A095-575-046 Motion to reopen granted in the BIA.
JOSE GERMAN SANTOS No. 19-1111, 1:18-CV-1553 Third Circuit No. 19-1111 Government conceded Pa Marijuana was not an aggravated felony.

1:18-CV-1553 Habeas adopted by counsel and won in Third Circuit Case No. 19-2663.
JENS PETER ENGELUND 200-360-767 Granted in BIA Pennsylvania gun crimes not removable.
CARLOS GUZMAN-FANINI A 059 314 699 Terminated at IJ Rhode Island gun conviction.
BHARATKUMAR THAKKER A# 030-811-876 Third Circuit Case No.20-1492 Granted in Third Circuit Motion to reopen denied in BIA.