You Still Have a Chance!

Do not lose hope because Chris the Jail Helper believes that you still have a chance. My legal research, drafting pleadings, and presenting arguments have helped many people in your situation.

About me

Hello, I am a former inmate who went to federal prison for five years for a crime that I did not commit and was taken into immigration custody for three years for this non-removable crime. During this time, I learned valuable lessons on how to fight and beat the government.

What I do

Please make no mistake; it is not easy to win because the government does not fight fair, and I learned the hard way that the legal system is not on your side.

To win, you must make clear and concise arguments that have a solid basis in the law and the facts of your case. I have prevailed in many cases that many lawyers said could not be won. Some of my cases have even set new precedents in Federal Circuits. I have helped many other inmates and have had success in assisting them in arguing their cases correctly; I can help you too!


Some of the services that I provide are:



I investigate facts, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and analyze legal issues to prepare a case for trial or settlement.


Document recovery

I recover lost or damaged documents by using legal tools such as subpoenas, forensic analysis, and document restoration services.


Recovering your case file from your former attorney

I will recover your case file from your former attorney by requesting the file and, if necessary, taking legal action.


Subpoenaing records relevant to your case

I can issue a subpoena to compel a person or organization to produce records relevant to a legal case.


Case-law research

I will conduct case-law research by analyzing relevant legal cases to support legal arguments and assess the likelihood of success.


Brief & form typing services

I provide brief and form typing services to prepare legal documents such as motions, pleadings, and contracts for clients.

I can help you beat many career / armed-career and immigration cases with the proper application of the categorical approach to predicates. 

I also have the unique experience of having been in your position and knowing all the challenges that pro se litigants face and the value of having someone on the outside that you can depend on!

Contact me at the address or number below to discuss your case.
(All calls & emails accepted)

Chris Rad
Cell: 321-InJail-1 (321-465-2451)
Fax: 202-355-6677
Email: [email protected]
P.O. Box 11341
Hauppauge, NY 11788

I will give you an honest appraisal of your situation. Again, I have been in your position; thus, I can empathize and will not play games with your life. I can provide references to people that I have helped.